Vending at the Bloor West Street Fest

Vending at the Bloor West Street Fest

We had the pleasure of setting up a table at the Bloor West street festival yesterday! It was great meeting new faces, new vendors and the organizers. 

We did battle with the weather on and off, packing up and setting up three times as the rain poured down on us. Regardless of that we didn't let the storm dampen our spirits as the sunshine came smiling back out!

However, despite the weather this event is where we experimented with a new concept of "picking your own incense ". That idea was a success! "I think it's something we will do again, everyone seemed to love choosing their favourite colour and smell." - Dayna (Founder)

The event ran till 10PM, where we had familiar and new faces approach us to smell our incenses and create their own.

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