Where can I buy your products?

Our products are available directly on our website, Amazon and authorized retailers throughout. Please see "stockists" for a list of retailers. 

What currency is your website displayed in?
Our website pricing is listed in USD, along with taxes and shipping charges. If you are placing an order with any other currency, the conversion will occur in your bank account when the order is placed.

What method of payments do you accept?
We accept all major credit cards and paypal options for payments. Sometimes Visa Debit cards or prepaid credit cards may not work on our website. 

Where do you ship to?
We offer worldwide shipping through USPS and Canada Post.

How long does shipping take?
Most orders are processed within 72 hours. Please allow 2-7 business days for orders to arrive within USA and Canada. International orders may take between 14-21 days for select countries.

Can I return or exchange any of my products?
We want you to love and enjoy our products! Unopened/Unused items are eligible for an exchange within 14 days of purchase date. Customers are responsible for any related shipping costs that may be incurred to our warehouse. At this time there are no refunds available. 

How do I burn my Incense?
Incenses are suggested to be lit with a match. Lighters can be used if desired. Use a incense holder of your choice, or fireproof container. Always keep incense visible when lit. 

How long do your incense burn for?
Our incense sticks average a burn time from 40 mins to 1 hour depending on where lit (inside or outside). Incense cones usually last between 20-30 minutes.

I tried to light my incense, but it keeps going out?
Each of our incense sticks and cones are hand made. This process is done by hand dipping each one into a selected essential oil and fragrance. Some sticks and cones may have more of a coating than others, which is fine but can be a bit tougher lighting. 

I don't have a holder to burn, what else can I use?
Traditional forms of holders have been a cup/jar filled with rice as a base for the incense to be inserted in. As long as the container is fireproof and is able to keep the incense sturdy and safe while burning, it can be used. Please be safe and keep visible when lit.

Can you be allergic to incense?
With the growing amount of allergens in the air and environment, we urge you to test incense products among yourself and loved ones. Our products are all natural and chemical free, but may be a bit strong for those who are sensitive to strong aromas. 

I purchased my incense cones, but some are cracked?
We try our best to package our incense cones with love and care! Sometimes through shipping cones can break or get knocked around. Your incense cones are still good to light, and the broken pieces can be lit directly in a fireproof dish. 

Where does your Sage come from?
Our sage (smudge stick) is naturally grown in different parts of California, USA. We directly work with manufacturers and distributors that have long lasting relationships with suppliers.

How long does your Sage burn for?
Sage bundles are usually burned at your discretion. A full bundle can usually burn for 35-45 minutes on its own. Many people reuse the same bundle on multiple smudging occasions by placing it out after each use. 

Do you make your incense sticks?
We do not make our incense products locally but have developed relationships with our partners overseas. Many of our products come from Asia from partners that have been in the industry for years. Each batch of products are dipped within a certain time frame before shipment and samples endure a QA burn test before leaving the facility. 

Do you do charity work?
We are not a registered charity or a non-profit. We participate in initiatives to give back to the community and those in need. These dollars spent are not from donations - rather from profit of sales. Our mission to create a positive message around our brand and customers, and encourage each other to Reverse their Karma.

Are you hiring?
Please check our careers page for current opportunities.

Can I buy your incense in bulk?
We do provide wholesale orders to select retailers and for events. Please contact one of our account managers at