About Us


The brand focuses on self care and wellness as a lifestyle and not a task. Our goal is to fuse traditional practices with daily rituals. It can be very easy to get consumed with deadlines, schedules and life itself that we forget to pamper ourselves and take care of our mental health. This is why we want to help make self-care a priority, even if it’s only ten minutes a day.


We encourage our customers to make our products a part of their daily routines; unplug, relax and connect back to self. Enjoy a cup of tea, your favourite book, that saved playlist or just sit in silence and allow the aromas to relax your soul and stimulate your mind. We believe a well relaxed you is beneficial to the world rather than an overworked burnt out version of yourself. The world needs you.


Meet The Team

Dayna Persaud | Co-Founder & Creative Director 

Dayna is the creative brain behind the brand, you can find her drafting up new collection ideas, photoshoot concepts as well keeping the vibes going with her playlist in the office. When she's not in work mode, you can find Dayna making the next mouth watering meal. She loves challenging herself to creating new recipes and dishes from her fav spots. Dayna also loves thrifting and sourcing new items for photoshoots and her closet, there are days you can find her with her entire outfit completely repurposed.



Richard Ramsuchit | Co-Founder and Director of Operations

Richard is the behind the scenes playmaker. He works on the business relationships, product sourcing and day to day operations of the brand. When he's not checking his inbox or on a call, you can find him watching youtube vlogs of people all over the world. He spends his weekend mornings garage sale hunting in the summer and loves the thrill of finding that next unique item.



The Brand Journey

Reverse Karma started in 2015, originally as a jewelry brand where Dayna designed custom beaded jewelry and chains. Using unique pendants and charms sourced locally and through her travels, she created one of a kind bracelet collections as well as made to order requests. There was a rough patch over the next few years where Dayna and Richard turned to a more spiritual journey, searching for inner peace and taking self-care more personal. Incense sticks were a huge part of this process, using them daily while battling life's challenges was a unique way to find calm within the storm and help overcome the situation. They thought if the incense sticks could help them, who else could it help.


In mid 2018, Richard and Dayna attended a festival called Manifesto as a vendor, displaying the handmade jewelry, apparel designs and the first version of coloured incense sticks related to the seven chakras, the same sticks that they found peace with. The first version of the package was cardboard wrapped around the sticks with a printed label and scotch tape to hold it all in place, very homemade. To their surprise these sticks sold and customers had an interest in the product. They eventually attended a few more markets and community shows within the city to make sure this wasn't a one time experience. The feedback was positive across the board, and they took the next step into launching a website for the brand, sourcing packaging and creating the content.

Fast forward to 2022, Reverse Karma has rebranded, launching into several large retailers and boutiques as well as worked with many subscription boxes on an international level.