Kensington Flea - Pedestrian Free Sunday

We were so honored to be apart of our first but Kensington Markets final Pedestrian Free Sunday for the year! 

A brief summary of Kensington Market, it is literally one of the coolest places ever! 
It is a little unique one- of - a kind market tucked away in the busy streets of Toronto. If offers a lot of vintage clothing, culture,food, local artists and a lot of positive vibes!

Last Sunday we participated in the Kensington Flea for the first time Despite the day being super grey and gloomy we decided to spread some positive messages and turned a lot of frowns upside down, literally! 

We may not have sold out of all of our items, but we definitely ran out of positive messages, and well that alone is priceless!

We also met some amazing people and had some super interesting conversations with strangers, all because of one positive note.

Thanks Kensington Flea for allowing us to be apart of such an awesome atmosphere, we we will definitely be back next year!



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