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Toronto Harbour Front Finds

Posted by Reverse Karma on

Every summer Toronto's Harbour Front hosts different events and activities for everyone. Over the past months the Harbour Front has been revamped with anticipation for the Pan Am games. With all the construction that was going on I have avoided that area for a while. On Canada's Day I decided to take a trip down to the Harbour Front to explore this new world. Upon my exploring I came across a local vendor selling beads and other jewelry items. This is where the idea for my Tibet Inspired bracelets came from. Other than having found such beautiful beads, I also enjoyed the show they had going on. It was a display of all the different cultures that make Toronto such a unique place to live. I shopped, danced to so soca, enjoyed some Aboriginal hoop dancing and enjoyed some delicious food. If you haven't visited the Harbour Front this summer, I recommend taking a trip down there. They have something going on every weekend for the rest of the summer. I will definitely be down there again!

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