Sage Stick

Sage Stick


For many years, Native Americans have been using white sage for ceremonial purposes. It is used to cleanse and purify ones soul of negative thoughts of that person of a space. 

Other cultures around the world also perform smoke-cleansing rituals that use different herbs, resins and sacred objects. 

Sage leaves or stems can be places in a container to be burned. It is preferred to use a wooden match to light the sage . Allow the flame to rise and then gently blow it out.

The practice of smudging is said to heal the mind, heart and body, The smoke can be wafted with your hand or a feather. You can then waft the smoke towards yourself or the person/place being cleansed.

Once you are finished, it is common to return the ashes back to the earth opposed to disposing of it in the garbage. 

Please be mindful when burning sage, as it is meant to be used for healing opposed to recreational uses. 

Product Info 

One 4" Sage Stick
100% All Natural grown in California

Made in California, Packaged in Canada.